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    Why Elisabeth Sladen Vomited On Edwina Currie and 34 other facts we learnt from the sorely-missed actress’s autobiography

    Elisabeth Sladen’s autobiography is released by Aurum Press on Monday, and it’s a fascinating read for any Doctor Who fan. Here’s [some of the] 35 things we gleaned from reading it.

    • Why was Elisabeth Sladen’s name spelt with an “S”? Whenever asked, her mother would explain, “the ‘S’ is for ‘star’”.
    • Two inspirations for Sarah Jane’s character were a young cousin of Sladen’s with “an indomitable attitude” and Who producer Barry Letts (for his “honesty and straightforwardness”).
    • The second time she met Jon Pertwee (who was still distraught about Katy “Jo Grant” Manning leaving) was in a hotel bar. He accidentally said, “What would you like to drink, Katy?”… then burst into tears!
    • Lis and Tom watched “The Android Invasion” episode three in a complete stranger’s living room, after Tom just knocked on the door and asked if they could come in.
    • Lis was so appalled by her farewell scene in “The Hand Of Fear” (as originally scripted) that she scrawled obscenities all over the script! She later gave the script to Russell T Davies, as a farewell gift when he left Doctor Who.
    • One of her leaving gifts was a key to the TARDIS. Years later, she passed it on to David Tennant when he left the show.

    It’s a great list. Click the link for the rest. (thx, Anglophenia!)


    (via slushiebear)

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